Welcome to Assault & Flattery’s website, we’re so glad you’re here! The script is finished, the show is cast, and Assault & Flattery is well underway to once again light up the stage with our annual show! 2018 marks Assault & Flattery’s 65th year of bringing happiness and cheap jokes to the students of Texas Law. This year, we are proud to bring you Legally Ever After, a two-act production inspired by the classic adventures of Disney princesses, princes, and villains, with an intermission performance by Texas Law’s premier (and only) a cappella group, Medley!

Your favorite Disney characters are walking the halls of Texas Law, trying to navigate the challenges of classes, job-hunting, and fairy tale romance. As if getting to class without bursting into song along the way isn’t hard enough, the law school’s two villains, Hades and Ursula, along with the help of Scar and evil Professor Mallefinix, conspire to gain control over the students and force them all to join the evilest law firm in the land – Bushwackle and Foetus.

It is sure to be an exciting event filled with action, adventure, romance, and an appropriate amount of time spent at Crown & Anchor, and we hope to see you in the audience!

Tickets, Parking, etc.

Show dates are Thursday, February 22nd, at 7:00 PM; Friday, February 23rd, at 7:00 PM.; Saturday, February 24th, at 7:00 PM (doors open at 6:30 PM); and Sunday, February 25th, at 2:00 PM (doors open at 1:30 PM).

Tickets will cost $15 ($10 for the Sunday matinee). Tickets are AVAILABLE ONLINE NOW, in the law school atrium (starting the 19th of February), or at the door. Beware that some shows sell out, so it’s worth it to buy your tickets ahead of time.

The Utopia Theatre is located in the School of Social Work. You can park in the lots to the East of the school with any UT parking permit (in designated spaces). You can also take the Number 7 bus which will also take you downtown after the show to go to bar review, etc.

Parking located near the theatre. The areas in green show metered parking available to the public ($1/hour). Red areas are garages available to the public ($3/hour).

Can’t wait for the show (neither can we!) and eager to know more about A&F? Feel free to read about us, check out our music videos, or view some Medley performances. If you aren’t a law student–or are a student of the non-performing variety–and want to support A&F, consider donating. Either way, we hope to see you at Legally Ever After!

More hip-hop than you'll ever be.