Welcome to Assault & Flattery’s website! We’re so glad you’re here. Are you excited for the 2016 show? You definitely should be because Assault & Flattery’s 2016 production, Ward of the Rings, is based of the hit book and movie trilogy Lord of the Rings. Long ago, a set of rings were forged and given to the leaders of the T-15 law schools. There was, however, one ring that ruled them all. In an explosive journey of twists and turns, the hobbits seek to WARD off corruption and insanity of the T-15. Come join your favorite mystical characters in this epic quest to destroy the ring. Shows will be March 3-6, 2016.

I know! We’re totally sad that it isn’t showtime yet, too. But there is still stuff you can do while you’re here on our website! You can learn more about us, investigate our skits, or check out some Medley performances. If you aren’t a law student–or are a student of the non-performing variety–and you want to keep supporting A&F, consider donating. Either way, we hope to see you at Ward of the Rings!

Find out more information about Ward of the Rings here.

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