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Special Group Rate!

Want to see the show with your student org or friends? You can get a special price on the Sunday show. If you buy 7 or more tickets together, they’re only $7 each!

We call it the 7-7 deal and we think it’s so innovative that we could easily become a GOP presidential candidate or CEO of a national fast food pizza chain. Non-practicing career here we come!

Email to order your group tickets today!

New year, new show, new site

It’s a new year and we’ve spent the last several months working on our new show, which we’re finally ready to reveal to the world:



Clue: Townes Hall Edition is a story of drugs, sex, crimes, and intrigue. Follow students as they try to solve the mystery of the missing rankings in an attempt to save the school. You can learn more about the show as well as read a biography of some of the main characters over on the “This Year’s Show” page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost?

$15 for evening performances and $10 for the Sunday matinee.  BUT for a very limited time you can take $3 off those prices by buying online!

Is the show family-friendly?

Not unless you have a terrible home life, no.

But someone told me the Sunday show is PG-Rated

They lied. This year, all 4 shows will be equally funny and equally R-rated. Leave your children at home.

Where should I park?

Check out this page. You might want to take the Number 7 bus to take you safely and soberly home/downtown after the show. If you have UT parking permit you’ll probably want to park in the lots east of the theatre. If you don’t have a permit you’ll want to park Red River or in a garage.

Is the show at the law school?

No, it’s in a legit theatre with curtains and lights and everything.