2013: Harry Potter and the Order of the Peregrinus

HP coverRes Ipsa Leviosa. This Spring, the thing itself rises!

To celebrate our diamond anniversary (that’s 60 years, y’all), A&F is bringing you our take on the revered classic, the story of Harry Potter. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Peregrinus, Harry and his motley crew of nerdy magic law students fight against the Slythegreens to secure the most desirable jobs that The Magic University of Texas Magic School of Magic Law can offer. Unfortunately, coming to the Slythegreens’ aid is none other than Snemily Snadens, Voldemort’s ally and the gatekeeper to the highly-sought-after judicial clerkships that all the magic law students sooooo covet. Only after watching the show will you discover who ultimately prevails in the job search! …And also, who wouldn’t want to see Assault & Flattery ruin another one of your favorite stories?

This tale of courage, friendship, love, and – dare I say it – substance addiction is sure to leave the entire audience in tears–whether from uproarious laughter or from regret at the manifestation of bad life decisions, well, that’s for our spectators to figure out over their sixth stiff drink later that evening.

“Make Love, Not Horcruxes” — Michael Selkirk, Texas Magic Law of Magically funding fellowships with Student Loans (better known as TLF)

W. “Rita” Schiesster from the Daily Prophet writes “I could wax poetic about “HP and the Order of the Peregrinus” for paragraphs on end, but I’ll keep it pithy as all good writers should. The performances in this show are second only to the writers’ masterful use of diction. I do love me a good legal pun!”

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