2015: The Hutcheson Games

Assault & Flattery’s 2015 production, The Hutcheson Games, was based off the popular book and movie series The Hunger Games. The Hutcheson Games is every bit as dystopian as you would expect. In the show, UT Law selects the best and brightest of the 1L class to represent their sections in the annual Thad T. Hutcheson Moot Court Competition, which is held to memorialize UT Law’s ascent and descent from the T14. In order to evaluate the 1Ls, the Freshlaws must endure a number of typical 1L trials and tribulations. Some will rise above the rest; others will fail miserably, and everyone will know they failed when they hear the cannon go BOOM! Whoever doesn’t win the competition will suffer a fate worse than death—automatic transfer to the third tier! See Caesar introduce the candidates:

Who will win? Does it matter? Are there really any winners in a dystopian universe? Anyway, may the curve be ever in your favor…

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